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We are passionate about making the voice of the consumer accessible to brands and businesses by designing top quality research to bring your market into sharper focus; delivering insights expressed in ways that truly resonate within your business; with commercially relevant, strategic recommendations. This results in better business decisions, giving our clients the competitive edge, and is the reason they keep coming back. We believe in:...

Understanding consumers

We specialise in research that gives brands greater understanding of their consumer target audience - their decision making and buying behaviour; response to brands and communications and to products, positioning and pricing. We design and use research to inform our clients business, marketing and innovation decisions.


We work as a committed partner to our clients. We are a team with you, working to get to the insight and answers that can genuinely help make better business decisions. We appreciate the sensitivities of working with different audiences - The insight team, The Board, The Creatives etc. - and we understand the importance of commercial reality and ROI.


We have an absolute commitment to top quality sample and survey response. We continually review the practices of panel providers and ensure we have the best field partners in the business. Your research is only as good as the quality of sample you talk to and the precision of what you ask.


We believe truly insightful research is only achieved by treating people with respect. The key to getting good data is through clear questionnaires that enable respondents to access and convey information accurately. Good research is via good conversations with your consumers.

“You’re more than experts in consumer research – you make that insight and ability count where it really matters to clients.”

“I’ve seen and heard you translate consumer insight and market observation into tight, commercial recommendations and imperatives”

Juliet Strachan

Managing Director

Juliet Strachan is Founder and Managing Director of Windsoredge Research. She has over 30 years' experience in consumer market research and has positively impacted her clients' strategy, innovation and communication decisions, across multiple sectors: from technology and automotive, to food and charities; both domestically and internationally. The combination of her experience, expertise and commercial awareness make her input invaluable for her clients.

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